You can feel confident in the quality of your LD Keyfinder

Due to the fact that the LD Keyfinder is a handcrafted product, we do offer a 60 day quality workmanship guarantee against defects in workmanship. If this is found to be the case your LD Key Finder will be happily replaced. If it is a retired design we will do our best to choose a similar replacement for you.

The LD Keyfinder is carefully handcrafted with stunning beads from around the world and the wire that we use is rated for 90lbs and should not break as long as the LD Keyfinder is used properly under normal circumstances. The wire is cut with precision to ensure it will not fray with a special cutter crafted in Italy and each crimp is hand pressed with a special industrial grade crimping machine. We even do a "Pull Test" on each one to ensure that the crimps and rings are secure and ready for your daily key finding!

Your LD Keyfinder

  • should always hang freely once it is clipped to your handbag.
  • should not be bent into a circle with the two end clips clipped together. To use it this way or attach it to your handbag in this fashion may cause unnecessary stress on the wire and cause breakage.
  • should not be given to children to play with as it is not suitable for children under 13 years of age.
  • should not be washed or polished with any cleaning product.

We do realize that accidents can happen and if you do break or damage your LD Keyfinder, it can be repaired for a fee of $10.00 plus shipping.

If any beads are missing and need to be added there will be charge of $2.00/bead

Please contact us at to make arrangements to return your LD Keyfinder or click the chat box to the lower right.