Frequently Asked Questions

Question: Once my order is placed, when can I expect it to arrive?
Answer: Once your payment has cleared you can expect your order to ship within 2 days. See shipping information for your specific location here.   

Question: The LD Keyfinders are all so beautiful but I am worried about it breaking. How strong is it?
Answer: Each LD Keyfinder is handcrafted using a special wire that can hold up to 90 lbs so it is very strong and should not break under normal use.
If, however, it does break please e-mail us at and we will make arrangements to have it repaired or replaced for a period of 60 days from date of purchase.
Please click here for proper care of your LD Keyfinder
Question: How long is each LD Keyfinder?
Answer: Each LD Keyfinder is approximately 8 inches in length but will range slightly in length based on which beads are used. Our LD Keyfinder MINI is approximately 6 inches in length.    


Question: Where do you get the beads that you use to make the LD Keyfinder?

Answer: We source our beads worldwide from places as far away as India to ensure that we are creating something very special and unique for you.

Question: What does the LD stand for in the LD Keyfinder name           
Answer: The LD is short for Luxury Design