Our customers tell us why they love their LD Keyfinder

Just want to tell you that I think the key finder is such a fabulous idea. 

They are so beautiful too. I would be lost without mine. 

Laurie S.


It was made especially for me based on a picture of my beloved parrot that I had forwarded. 

Lisa went through her beads & made two for me to choose from, one of which truly 

captured both his beautiful plumage & his personality.  

I'll always treasure my LD Key Finder not just because it's beautiful & wildly useful, 

but also because the lady who made it for me was so very kind & thoughtful.  

I'm a very happy customer & will definitely make Lisa my go-to for unique gifts again.

L. Wilkes


It makes me smile when I see all the beautiful beads all in my favorite colors. 

I feel like I have a one of a kind made just for me. 

Tracey L


I have been using the LD Keyfinder for several weeks and 

cannot believe I did without it for so long. 

I feel more secure when approaching my car or my home at night 

or even in the daytime because I know my keys are right there. Thank you!

Ronda L


Because Winnipeg is very very cold and I can't dig in my purse with mitts on-

I can find my command start without frozen fingers!

Marnie L


Since receiving my Keyfinder as a gift, the time I had spent rummaging through 

my large, cluttered purse has vanished 

- especially when I think back on the cold days standing outside 

my apartment building trying to find my keys. 

A really good idea! 

Donna P


Finally! Fashion meets Function! I can find my keys without digging through my purse! 

Who knew something so beautiful (the beads are gorgeous!) could be that functional! 

Kris A


It's unique, beautiful and glittery. I can clip it, hang it or wear it. 

Not only does it look smashing hanging on a purse, but I can clip it to pant loops, belts, etc. 

and never have to worry where your keys are. 

Keys are truly at your fingertips with or without your purse. 

Loraine D


It’s a stylish way to keep track of my keys. 

Miriam D


It looks super stylish, as well as being useful. I gave it to my friend, 

whose teenage daughter always takes it from her because it is "cool“ 

Vivone H


Who has time to search! We have enough stress in our lives without the frustration of 

looking for something that you know is right there SOMEWHERE??? 

Thank you LD Key Finder for saving me from even MORE grey hairs!!! 

Karen W


It’s simple----I can always find my keys. 

Jerry S


The other night I was out having dinner with a friend, and when it came time to leave, 

she was frantically looking for her keys. 

She asked me not to leave until she found them. 

I showed her my Key Finder and she ordered one the same night. 

I always know where they are. Best thing ever! 

Norma R


I match my key finder to the color of my purse. It adds a nice decorative touch. 

Wilma A


It looks nice and it has been so much easier to find my keys in my purse. 

Nadine T


I haven’t been in a panic about where I have left my keys since I started using my LD Key Finder. 

It is always attached to the strap loop on my purse. 

There are times though when I don’t wish to carry my purse and on those occasions 

I simply attach my LD Key Finder to the loop holder on my jeans/pants, sometimes my skirts. 

My LD Key Finder has come in so handy, without it I would still be hunting for my keys. 

So glad Lisa came up with this solution. 

Michelle D


I NEVER lose or have to dig for my keys anymore and I get a lot of compliments on it. 

It is very stunning!! 

Glenda P


It is so easy!

Dorothy R


My blood pressure has gone down immensely since I don’t have to search through 

this gunny sack that I call a handbag to find my keys. 

I know where they are at a glance. Also, with this cold snap, I don’t have to worry about 

freezing off my fingers because they are there ready and waiting -

Barbara I


Not only is it functional, it is beautiful, great quality, and a nicely handcrafted 

one of a kind item. Whenever I bring it out (getting my keys ready before picking 

up my parcels at various cash registers) it draws tons of attention. 

As I like to talk it a great conversation starter 

Gloria C


It is so convenient. I never have to look for my keys. I have one for each of my purses 

so I just transfer the key from Key Finder to Key Finder 

Bev A


It absolutely saves countless minutes digging for my keys and in a 

Manitoba winter at -40.C every second counts!! 



I never have to dig to the bottom of my purse looking for my keys again. 

It is a wonderful gadget 

Bea M


It adds personality and sparkle to my keys. 

Now I don't look like a custodian, keys dangling from an ugly clip! 

Alanna S


I never have to dig around in my purse looking for my keys. 

It's not only pretty, it's functional too. Love it!! 

Barb K

My keys are always where I can see them and of course because of the BLING!! 

We all need that bling! 

Lynn L


In this cold climate I ALWAYS know where my keys are and no longer have 

to stand in the -45 degree weather digging to the bottom of my purse for my keys. 

I also love the Key Finder because it is so pretty and adds bling to any purse. 

I have already purchased one for many of the women I know, and plan on buying more. 

These make great gifts that any woman who carries a purse would love and appreciate. 

Angela P


It saves me from searching through my purse while standing in the 

freezing cold weather here in Winnipeg 

Sylvia C


I get so many compliments on my Keyfinder! 

Linda K


It adds some glam to my purse and my keys are easily found 

Shirley M


I have NEVER LOST my keys since getting it.  I also love the little "GLITZ" it adds to my purse.  

Every purse should have one to coordinate with colors.  

Thanks a million, what great idea.....BEST YET 

Janis B


It not only helps me keep track of my keys but adds a delightful, classy touch to my handbags!  

I have given many of them as gifts to friends and family and they keep getting compliments on them! 

Tracey M


When I do not have any pockets to put my keys in (especially in the summer) 

I can find my them in seconds when they are on my LD Key Finder. 


Tanis M


It makes it stress free to find my keys in my purse. 

Debbie W


It is beautiful and sparkly!!

Donna G