The story of the LD Key Finder

The story of the LD Key Finder

So many people ask me how I came up with the idea for the LD Key Finder.

Here is the story of how the LD Key Finder was born.

It was late at night and I was doing some last minute grocery shopping on a chilly October evening.  I finally reached my car, grocery bags in hand, and proceeded to dig into my purse for my car keys. As I dug, it got colder and colder, and still no keys. I knew they were in there because I could hear them jingling around.

Let's face it ladies, we've all been there!

The entire time I was searching in the black hole that I refer to as my purse, I kept thinking; "There has got to be a better way then this. Surely somebody has invented a solution for busy women so they are no longer wasting anymore time digging aimlessly in their handbags looking for their keys"

After what seemed like hours, I finally dug the keys out from the very depths of my purse and as I drove back home, all I could think about was finding a solution to this problem. I was sure that I was not the only woman who was frustrated by this.

When I finally had a chance to sit at the computer, I searched for hours looking for something that would solve this problem for me and many other women. All I could find was the purse clips and a magnet-type key finder of sorts. It really was not what I had envisioned in my mind as a bejeweled Key Finder. So I proceeded to look for materials to make my own Key Finder. After all, I always had a creative side growing up and loved to sketch and paint and create with various mediums.

I decided that if I was going to create something, however, it would use the most exquisite beads that you could not find anywhere locally. Once I had a few Key Finders ready to go, I decided to sell them at a fall fashion show that I was already involved in with my business. Well it didn't take long for women to discover the Key Finder and within minutes, I had sold all the Key Finders that I made for the show and women asking for more!

It was at that moment that I knew that I had created something that so many women found as useful as I did!

The next step was patenting the design and then finding other boutiques,salons and gift stores to carry the LD Key Finder. And of course, what to name it? I went through so many names but finally decided on the Lisa Designer Key Finder or LD Key Finder.

I am so very proud that the LD Key Finder is now patented and carried in over 300 salons, boutiques and gift stores across Canada, the Yukon and even Trinidad.

You can also shop online at

So ladies,why not join the thousands of women who have their own LD Key Finder and never waste anymore time digging for their keys.

You won't believe how you lived without it for so long.

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