Add a little sparkle to your handbag and stop digging for those keys.

    The LD Key Finder is a handcrafted piece of jewellery that looks fabulous and is functional as well as it keeps your keys within reach at all times. One end clips to your handbag and the other end clips to your keys. Once the keys are attached you can keep your LD Key Finder tucked inside your handbag or show it off.

    Each LD Key Finder is lovingly handcrafted with only the most unique and beautiful beads from around the world and the wire is rated for 90lbs of weight so it is as strong as it is beautiful.

    The LD Key Finder is the easy and elegant way to find your keys. Visit our customer testimonials to read how so many women love their LD Key Finder and never waste anymore time looking for their keys.

    Now it's your turn to add a little sparkle to your handbag!