Add a little sparkle to your handbag and stop digging for those keys!

LDL Designer Fashion Inc. is the exclusive designer, creator and distributor 
of our unique patented LD Key Finder.
Each LD Key Finder is a beautiful work of art that is created using only the most
exquisite and stunning handmade beads that we source worldwide.
Its unique patented design allows one end to clip to your handbag and the other end to clip to your keys. Once the keys are attached simply tuck your LD Key Finder inside your handbag. When it comes time to find your keys, just pull it out of your handbag and the keys will always stay attached. The unique design of the LD Key Finder makes it easy to clip and unclip your keys as you need them without removing it from your handbag.
If you do wish to change handbags, the easy fasten clip allows it to be
interchanged between different handbags.
The LD Key Finder is so much more than a key chain,
it is the easy and elegant way to find your keys.

Now it's your turn to add a little sparkle to your handbag!

Featured Products

These LD Key Finders are black, white or gray.